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Performing arts is a form of creative activity that is performed in front of an audience such as music, dance, and drama, etc.  It is different from visual arts, which is when artists use paint, canvas, or various materials to create physical or static art objects.


what is acting?

Acting is when an individual takes on the role, behavior, attitudes, drama, etc. of another person, typically in a scripted environment like theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode.

Tasks of an actor include:

  • Learn lines, songs, and/or dances
  • Research the play/character
  • Attend all rehearsals scheduled
  • Attend costume fittings
  • Take direction from the Director and/or Choreographer
  • Work with other Performers
  • Attend technical and dress rehearsals


what is choreography?

A choreographer creates and plans routines for performance, usually to music or to evoke an idea in the heads of the audience. They create dance routines to entertain at live shows, events, or for TV and films.

  • Create dance routines that work with the music and lyrics of a production
  • Read through a script and interprets each song
  • Develop a sequence of movement
  • Attend rehearsals of dancers and cast members
  • Ensure the routine looks good to an audience


what is circus arts?

Circus art and performance combines clowns, aerial stunts, and acrobatics mixed with theatre – conveying stories and all the added features of modern shows such as lighting design, music, and mind-blowing state-of-the-art costumes.

A circus is a company of performers who put on diverse entertainment shows that may include clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, dancers, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists, and unicyclists as well as other object manipulation and stunt-oriented artists.


what is comedy?

Comedy is professional entertainment consisting of jokes and sketches, intended to make an audience laugh. It is contrasted on the one hand with tragedy.

Key characteristics in comedy include: 

  • Physical deformity and incongruity, mental deformity, or obsession
  • Amusing situations, ridiculous or awkward manners
  • Diverting dialogue or ludicrous expression
  • Satire or gross farcical caricatures


what is costume design?

Costume designers create and provide costumes for the principal actors, supporting actors, stunt doubles, extras (also called background talent), and sometimes, animated characters.

Costume designers start by working with directors, producers, writers, the production designer, and hair and makeup designer to contribute to the look and storytelling of the production.

Costume designers key tasks include:

  • design
  • create and 
  • hire the costumes for the cast.


what is dance?

Dance is a performing art form consisting of sequences of movement, either improvised or purposefully selected. This movement has aesthetic and often symbolic value. The movement of the body is in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself.

  • Dance Instructor
  • Production Designer
  • Choreographer
  • Photographer
  • Publicist
  • Dancer
  • Theater Manager
  • Program Coordinator


what is music?

A musician is a person who composes, conducts, or performs music. Enjoying music is unique to humans. The musician can inspire, thrill and even soothe the audience.

Different instrument types/roles:

  • Strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass, and harp, guitar, ukulele 
  • Woodwinds: flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon
  • Brass: trumpet, french horn, trombone, and tuba
  • Percussion


what is playwriting?

If you break the word “playwright” down into two parts, you already have a great understanding of what playwrights do: they write the scripts for plays, which then go on to be staged in theatrical productions. 

Playwrights, also known as writers, dramatists, or scriptwriters, write the story for theatrical productions. The playwright writes the words that the characters speak next to or under each character’s name.

  • To create and write a play
  • Write the synopsis and character list
  • To stick to the given brief
  • To be able to tell a story through the written word for the theatre
  • Working to tight deadlines
  • Researching and gathering data
  • Liaising with Publishers, Directors, and Producers


what is singing?

A singer is someone who vocalizes musical sounds with tone and pitch and uses his or her own voice to produce music. Singers may sing solo or in a group and are oftentimes accompanied by instrumental music.

Key responsibilities for a singer include:

  • Learning, memorizing, recording, rehearsing, and performing songs.
  • Collaborating with managers, movie producers, and other musicians.
  • Fine-tuning craft through singing exercises and vocal training.
  • Maintaining the appropriate physical appearance and stamina needed for performances.


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