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What will you learn?

Think Tank only offers one program designed to evolve and cater to any budding artist’s needs and direction.

Most young artists who want to get into the Computer Graphics industry have no idea where they would like to end up when it comes to a Job position or discipline. Many of our students who think they know where they’d like to specialize end up discovering a new passion, or a discipline they are more drawn to. Our program introduces our students to everything. The beauty of this approach is that our students all end up being generalists, with a focus on one area. We have on many occasions been complimented by the local studios on the well-roundedness of our students.

In an industry that is constantly changing, where roles inevitably overlap and evolve, new artists must be able to keep an open mind and flex their supporting muscles to survive and excel.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Learn from industry professionals

Think Tank only hires Professional Artists. Their instructors and mentors work in the entertainment industry and bring their proven tools and techniques to the classroom.

Become a well-rounded artists in only 4 months

During the first semester, each student is trained in all aspects. From Modeling and Animation to Texturing and Lighting, our first term students are trained to be well-rounded artists in only 4 months.

Receive extra support during your studies

Think Tank Training Centre is able to provide students with the resources and opportunities they require to accomplish their goals. Even if only one student is in need of a certain software package, or specialized instructor, they have the ability to satisfy their needs.

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$ 38,400 CAD year
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$ 50,800 CAD year
  • Apply now for the next intake

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