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Animal Drawing




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8 weeks





about the course

What will you learn?

This 2D course for Animal Drawing emphasizes developing an understanding of the anatomy of wildlife and domestic animals,

Students will learn to construct quadruped skeletons as well as render fur and reptilian skin. This is a vital step in creating populated landscapes as well as building a foundation that strengthens believability when developing creature designs. Furthermore, there is an exploration of form and perspective with an analysis of gestures and expressions,

Students will also learn to deconstruct the materials, from their tensile strength and geometric construction to their surface properties or how they absorb and reflect light. Be prepared to do a lot of construction and rendering.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Illustrate and analyze the animal form.

Building a foundation that strengthens believability when developing creature designs.

One year of free access to the full course.

Enjoy one-year full access to the course that includes lectures, feedback, and live Q&A recordings.

Earn a Certificate of Completion.

Earn a Certificate of Completion when you complete and turn in 80% of course assignments.

Personalized expert feedback and live Q&A.

Receive personal individual feedback on all submitted assignments from the industry’s best artist.

course structure

What will you learn?

Introduction to structure:

  • How animals are built 
  • Understanding form
  • Gesture
  • Shape & bony landmarks in equine & bovine forms

Introduction to the skeleton:

  • movement & limitations of the joints
  • Balance & proportions
  • Learn how to take the complex skeleton and simplify it to basic shapes to have a manageable way to better understand how the skeleton of the animal functions and moves
  • Form and form direction
  • Filling out structure and surface form with muscle and deep tissue masses
  • Breaking down the forms into simple shapes
  • Familiarize yourself with skeletal landmarks and shapes of the animals covered in this week
  • Study from photos and life if possible
  • Understanding the construction of basic shapes & muscle structures within them
  • Construct your animal drawings as you put together skeletal structures with muscle forms and shapes on top
  • Focus on understanding the foundation of the animal through skeleton and construction drawings before adding muscles
  • Construction shapes
  • Skeleton & muscle overviews
  • In-depth look at how aquatic animals function
  • Construction shapes
  • Skeleton & muscle overview
  • Wing feather groups 
  • Beaks
  • Folding & unfolding of the wings
  • Bird hipped
  • Lizard hipped
  • Construction shapes
  • Muscle & skeleton overview
  • Rendering techniques for coloring & finalizing animal drawings


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  • Payment plans and other types of reimbursement available

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