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9 weeks





about the course

What will you learn?

This course on 3D for 2D Artists will help students understand how powerful 3D is and how to take advantage of different techniques to translate 2D skills into full 3D scenes. You will render multiple scenes while learning to incorporate 3D techniques into their concept art workflows. 

Initially, the course will focus on the essential 3D tools to quickly generate great 3D base images that can be presented as blackouts ready to be polished in painting software. Students will create an entire environment based on their own 2D drawing or sketch, getting multiple shots to tell a story.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Take advantage of different techniques to translate 2D skills into full 3D scenes.

Learn professional 3D for 2D workflows.

One year of free access to the full course.

Enjoy one-year full access to the course that includes lectures, feedback, and live Q&A recordings.

Earn a Certificate of Completion.

Earn a Certificate of Completion when you complete and turn in 80% of course assignments.

Personalized expert feedback and live Q&A.

Receive personal individual feedback on all submitted assignments from the industry’s best artist.

course structure

What will you learn?

  • Introduction
  • Why 3D?
  • Blender interface/navigation
  • Add-ons
  • Transformations
  • Duplicate
  • Basic Lighting Setup
  • Cameras
  • Collections
  • Selection
  • Multiple meshes
  • Delete and dissolve
  • Merging
  • Smooth and flat shading
  • Normals
  • Mesh edit tools
  • Proportional editing
  • 2D Thumbnails
  • Curves
  • Properties
  • Curve edit tools
  • Geometry
  • Drawing with curves
  • Modifiers
  • Grease pencil
  • Intro to sculpt mode
  • Basic materials
  • Building tools
  • Archimesh
  • PBR
  • Assessing materials
  • PBR materials
  • Texture maps
  • Decals
  • Principled BSDF
  • Nodes
  • HDRI
  • Using downloaded materials and models
  • Storytelling
  • Placeholder characters
  • Viz characters
  • MB-Lab
  • DAZ
  • FUSE
  • Digital sculpting basics
  • Composition: reading images
  • Instancing
  • Scattering objects
  • Particles
  • Weight and texture paint
  • Constraints
  • Optimizing scene
  • Render settings
  • 3D kitbashing
  • Physics simulation
  • Volumes and VDB
  • Render passes 101
  • Photobash
  • Render Passes
  • Startup File
  • Rendering Multiple Cameras
  • Shadow Catcher
  • Projection Modeling  
  • Overview of other software and their application in concept art: GAEA, DAZ, Add-ons
  • Students will have 2 weeks to work on final assignments

Final Q&A and Homework Submission


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  • Payment plans and other types of reimbursement available

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