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about the course

What will you learn?

In this course 2D FX Animation, students will go in-depth into what hand-drawn FX is and what it can be used for today. The class will be going over the basic physics of elements such as fire, lightning, water, smoke, magic and push them further and add appeal. In each chapter, will talk about how to get inspiration, how to break down references, how to create interesting designs, but mainly how to make animations feel dynamic and more appealing.

By the end of this course, students will have a solid knowledge of creating appealing shapes and dynamic designs. How to add unique styles from stylized, illustrative to realistic/organic. Understand the basic physics of elements and how to take them and push them further in the animation. Hand-drawn techniques from roughs to clean animation. Creating cycles. Planning and rendering your FX.

* Please note that this course is currently under development.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Improve demo reel creation and animation skills.

Help students to boost their skills and understanding in making 2D FX Animation.

One year of free access to the full course.

Enjoy one-year full access to the course that includes lectures, feedback, and live Q&A recordings.

Earn a Certificate of Completion.

Earn a Certificate of Completion when you complete and turn in 80% of course assignments.

Personalized expert feedback and live Q&A.

Receive personal individual feedback on all submitted assignments from the industry’s best artist.

course structure

What will you learn?

  • How did the FX industry evolve and what can it be used for today
  • Importance of reference gathering and how to read references properly.
  • An in-depth look at how important design is for FX
  • Following the three pillars: Line, Shape, and Color 
  • Students will go over how to adapt your FX to different show styles(from illustrative, stylized to more realistic/organic looks) and how important creating appealing shapes and dynamic designs is.
  • Electricity and Energy is all about that dynamic timing, students will focus on how to capture the pure energy and how they can push the shape to create different timings and level of intensity to it.
  • Students will create unique looks, how to get interesting shapes and feel to fire cycles
  • Students will learn how to create clever cycles that can be reused as fire is often used as a constant source.

Smoke is known to have more screen time and smoother movements, keeping a clean look is important here

  • Students will learn how the techniques and plan their FX
  • Students will focus on how to tighten their drawings and create interesting shapes and depth  with few colors while keeping it organic and appealing within tight deadlines.

In this chapter, appeal, pushing shapes and frames is important to get more intensity and style to FX,

  • Students will focus on doing some fun liquid exploration and discussing how to capture different speeds in the animation depending on on how dense your liquid is.
  • Students will master creating appealing and interesting shapes with wild card FX.
  • Students will focus on how FX act together and make sure all the physics have a nice harmony with one another
  • Students will learn techniques on how to do their own pre-com
  • Students will learn how to add all elements together and to make it all appealing.


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